Welding Calculator

SIMBA Pipe Welding Calculator.

SPIL in it’s long journey of more than 5 decades has always been a concerned stakeholder for infrastructure development and forever advocated for the sustainable piping infrastructure which will deliver it’s full value to all stakeholders. SPIL has been an active participant together with other stakeholders of water and gas supply networks to address the routine challenges and improve the productivity of these important networks.

It is in the same order, SPIL has now come with this “SIMBA – Pipe Welding App” Mobile Application to address not only some of the practical on-site challenges faced by work force which is often under-skilled but also to provide monitory benefits to owners of the pipelines through improved productivity.

This HDPE Pipe welding app is freely downloadable application both on Android as well as IOS platforms. It provides a step-by-step guidance in an extremely user-friendly manner to perform a durable welding of HDPE Pipes for both water as well as gas distribution network.

Proper use of this application will assist in providing trustworthy jointing resulting into following major benefits:

    • Reduction in Non-Revenue Water/ Gas, will improve the revenue collection for Authorities.
    • Cost of pumping will improve significantly due to no/little pressure loss in the pipeline.
    • Users will receive the required pressure at the end point.
    • Overall productivity of the pipeline will improve significantly.


SPIL is more than happy to assist it’s users with the required training to use this application upto it’s full potential.

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